The Beretta Off Shot ST – R is the electronic digital bidirectional hearing protector that automatically removes the shot and harmful noise over 85dB.
Beretta Off Shot provides exceptional protection from gunfire certificated 32dB SNR living you to converse in a natural way and to listen all the sound even the most distance in the surrounding environment. Birectional active digital earplugs
Three different listening programs. This technology allows coversations and natural sound alongside high hearing protection. Exclusively automatic digital suppression system for impulse noise
High level of comfort Water – repellent Light – 7gr Userfriendly USB battery charging – 1h charge, 25h of use
Each pakage includes: Beretta ST – R. Comfort foam eartips – 1xS, 1xM, 1xL. Rigid case. USB charge. Care instructions.


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